May 1, 2019

Spring time...prayer time...and garage sale time!


It's a gorgeous 85 degrees here today in Nashville! 


The trees have exploded with leaves and everything that can bloom or leaf is in full blossom. 



All the buds have now opened to reveal the vibrant colors of God's rainbow! 



To add to the sensory delight, the birds are chirping and singing their songs.  It all is making my day cheery and great. 





All the above sets the mode and mood for Larry and I's 7 AM prayer time in our prayer room.  We have family photos on the wall that we look at and personally pray for each one.  As we are sure you are aware, families are under attack now more than ever.  They need our constant prayers for all they face and go through. 



After our time of prayer for our family, we begin praying for extended family, partners and friends.  Our  list grows longer each day as we receive calls, texts and emails that share prayer requests.  These range from those who are walking through grief as they have lost a mate, parent or child to those who are sinking in dire depression even to the point of being suicidal to those battling health issues that include  cancer, heart issues, surgeries and those who are struggling with broken marriages and relationships.  There are dozens of needs we pray for each day.  What a privilege it is to take it all to the Lord in prayer and then to rejoice as the testimonies come in of answers to prayer!



On the lighter side, last Saturday morning I told Larry, "I want and need to just get out, do something fun and give my brain a rest."  Then I suggested, "Let's go to some garage sales. (Like I need more stuff to find a place for)." I hadn't been to a garage sale in over a year so I was excited.  Larry grinned and agreed and off we went on our adventure for the day as we scoped down garage sale signs posted on the street corners.  Oh yes, in preparation, I took an envelope with 15 one dollar bills in order to limit the items that would be returning home with me! 


After looking at 3-4 sales, we pulled up to a sale that was overflowing with stuff (or treasures depending on who is looking).  To my amazement and unbelief, there were three small flat headstones for sale!  I noticed that all three had the last name "Jones" and also had birth/death dates listed but I didn't pay close attention to them.  Just then, a scruffy looking man who apparently was an avid garage saler reached down, picked one up and struggled to haul it to his vehicle.  The homeowner picked up the second one and followed behind carrying it to the car. 


When the homeowner came back to the driveway, he saw me and asked if he could help me.  I chuckled, "Wow...I thought I had seen everything at a garage sale, but this is the first time that I've seen someone selling used headstones!"  He quickly corrected me, "Oh, these are not just any headstones...these belonged to the nationally known country singer, George Jones.  These belonged to his three dogs.  I thought they would be worth money so I purchased them and now I am moving them on."  I gulped, "Okay."  He struggled as he picked up the third one and then proceeded to take it to the man's trunk.  I smiled at the seller and said, "Rest in peace."  He laughed because he probably thought he made a good deal.  Each to their own!


Oh by the way, I spent my 15 dollar bills!  I got a brand new bath rug for $2, three new picture frames for $1.50, new shelving for $5, two new cast iron skillets for $4 and a new tablecloth for $2.  Yay!  It was fun, but I better not get into the habit of this unless I want to hold my own garage sales!  HA!


I hope and pray you are doing well---blessed and a blessing to others.  May God protect and provide for you.   May you feel His presence in every moment of every day!










Peach Cream Pie

1/3 c. flour

3/4 c. sugar

pinch salt

1/2 pt. whipping cream

1 c. (very thin slices) peaches

1 unbaked pie shell


Blend all ingredients exept peaches. Set aside. Place peaches into the pie shell. Pour cream mixture over and bake 50 minutes at 350 degrees. Make sure it has thickened. Enjoy!


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