Who doesn't love some coffee (or favorite beverage) and some authentic conversation on topics close to our hearts?!  Larry and Gloria share in these 30 minute segments stories, lessons, challenges and joys in a way that feels like they are sitting right across the table from you with coffee cups in hand.  These are being done LIVE on Facebook but we are able to make them available to you here as well, just without the more interactive capability.  The most recent video is near the top of this page.  Enjoy!

Coffee & Connect LIVE October 21, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Special guests, Kirk and Marne Snaza, pastors at Christian Outreach Center in Sisseton, SD, join Larry and Gloria for a time of laughter, gratefulness and testimony. Kirk and Marne share how the Lord brought their lives together and the role that Larry and Gloria played and continue to play in their family. Honoring the faithfulness of God and of Larry and Gloria, Kirk shares how that has been a key of encouragement in their lives throughout the years of marriage and ministry.

Coffee & Connect LIVE October 14, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Larry and Gloria pick up where they left off last week as they continue to tell of their lives together for the past 55 years! You will laugh as they share some of their very real life stories, you will cringe as you hear about snow in the bus and you will praise God as they share how God has been faithful. Also, they share their most often requested song, The Travelling Song! Enjoy!

Coffee & Connect LIVE October 7, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, October 07, 2020

As Larry and Gloria celebrate their 55th anniversary this month, they thought a little history of their relationship and how God orchestrated their lives to join together for a lifetime of ministry and marriage would be fun to share! Learn how the Lord called each of them and how their callings were instrumental in forming this Gospel team!

Coffee & Connect LIVE September 30, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, September 30, 2020

This week Larry shares a quick video on What Happens and Why We Must Be Born Again. In a simple but yet profound manner, one learns the basics and is also given tools in which one can share with another the Gospel. You do not have to be intimidated any longer...share the Good News...we were dead, but we can be Reborn!

Coffee & Connect LIVE September 23 , 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, September 23, 2020

In today's LIVE, Larry and Gloria Lundstrom host special guests Josh & Steph Humpa who both minister on staff at Oak Creek Assembly of God in Oak Creek, WI. During this insightful time, they share about "kids in crisis"--how has this unusual time affected our kids, how can we help them through it and what they have and are currently doing to bring life , hope and the Gospel to each one!

Coffee & Connect LIVE September 16 , 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, September 16, 2020

In this week's CCLIVE, Gloria shares about being in a time of holding challenging us not to waste our time there, but rather to give God our undivided attention and see what He wants to do in our lives. Larry shares some excellent bits of truth about what "A Sinner Finds Out 60 Seconds After Death". It is powerful to think about the reality of the decision we make today affects our eternity in a very real way. He issues the invitation to choose eternal LIFE!

Coffee & Connect LIVE September 9 , 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Today's LIVE was a delight as Larry and Gloria Lundstrom hosted special guest, Chris Syme, from www.womenfinishingwell.com. Chris shared her passion for that each one of us have our "everyday ordinary" life that we can make an eternal difference with as we live a life that outlives us! Be encouraged and challenged that it isn't too late to build a legacy that will remain for generations!

Coffee & Connect LIVE September 2, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Join Larry and Gloria Lundstrom for stories that will make you smile and challenges from scripture that will encourage you. Gloria shares about "Must be Nice" and how we can assume things about people's lives that only God and they really know. She also shares how the faithfulness of the Lord sees you through. Larry shares about Free Will and how the Lord is at the door of your heart knocking, but will you use your free will to open the door?

Coffee & Connect LIVE August 26, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Join Larry and Gloria for some prayer, a simple Gospel message and a challenge to forgive. Larry shares quickly how the Holy Spirit leads us from CONFUSION to CONVICTION to CONFESSION to CONVERSION to CONFIRMATION! Gloria shares from her experiences the trap of bitterness and unforgiveness and then the resulting freedom that comes when we choose to forgive. She challenges us to not walk wounded, but to let go and allow God to heal those wounds!

Coffee & Connect LIVE August 19 , 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Larry and Gloria have special guest, Pastor Darrell Worley, who pastors Christian Life Assembly of God in Picayune, MS join them for today's Coffee & Connect Live. Pastor Worley shares about the "Good in the Bad" during these difficult times. His nuggets of truth will be sure to encourage you and his heart of compassion for the prodigals will surely touch your heart. Tune in and be uplifted.

Coffee & Connect LIVE August 12 , 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, August 12, 2020

In this session of Coffee & Connect LIVE, Gloria shares some very real lessons learned on the road stemming from an accident involving Larry, a ladder, a motorcoach and an almost completely severed foot. She shares what she learned through the process of recovery and pushing the pain, as well as, how the remaining scars are truly a sign of God's faithfulness. Larry shares on three things a person needs to know about themselves and eternity!

Coffee & Connect LIVE August 05, 2020
By Larry & Gloria Lundstrom • Wednesday, August 05, 2020

What a fun time was had on Coffee and Connect LIVE with special guest, Pastor Jeff Nordin, of Christ Chapel in Woodbridge, VA. Jeff traveled with Larry and Gloria for a few years and during this time, it was fun to hear some stories shared between Larry, Gloria and Jeff, as well, as some lessons learned while on the road. You will also be able to enjoy some beautiful music and insightful thoughts on worship.

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