June 15, 2024



Wow...we can hardly believe that we are nearing the middle of June!  Where does the time go?  The weather has definitely warmed up here in Tennessee.  I am hearing Larry use his favorite summertime joke that it is so hot that the birds are using potholders to get the worms out of the ground!  That's Larry and I am so grateful for him!  As we come to celebrating Father's Day, I am grateful for the great father, grandfather and great-grandfather he is.   He adores his family and it is his deepest desire that he is leaving a legacy that always points them to knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior each and every day of his life.


Speaking of legacy---as we are nearing the official closing of Larry Lundstrom Ministries, we have had people ask ---  are the Lundstrom's done?  To which we are happy to say, absolutely not!  We are so thankful and excited for the ways in which the Lundstrom's continue to spread the Gospel and point people to Jesus.


We actually did a recent COFFEE & CONNECT LIVE that  shares all about legacy---what it is, what we desire our legacy to be and how the Lundstrom legacy is continuing!

You can watch it here>>



May you have a very blessed weekend celebrating and letting the fathers/grandfathers/mentors in your life know how much you love and appreciate them!




P.S.  By the way, Lord willing, we will be making a short trip up to South Dakota in the next week.  If you are in the Sisseton region, please feel free to stop in and see us on Sunday (the 23rd) for a small open house.  We would love to see you!



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