July 10, 2024

Wow---now that was a Midwest whirlwind trip! Such a blessing to see so many dear friends and family while so emotional as we did the final closedown of the office. Celebrating Larry's 81st birthday was the cherry on top though!

Summer greetings from the beautiful Tennessee smoky mountains!


Whew!  We are still trying to catch our breath from our 2 week whirlwind business / personal trip back to Minnesota  and South Dakota.  We flew into Minneapolis on June 18th to meet with our Larry Lundstrom Ministry board for the last time.  They have not just been our board but also dear friends who have prayed for us and guided us with Godly advice,  prayer, and direction.   We are ever grateful.












Then on Friday we preceded to drive to Sisseton,  South Dakota, to our home base of our ministry for the past 58 years.    We were delighted that on Saturday, we were able to meet up with four of my brothers for a mini reunion.  Meanwhile our son, Donovan,  was driving our Yukon up to Sisseton to load up the ‘last’ of the ministry items.



On Sunday the 23rd we attended our home church who honored us with and Open House  from 2-4 PM.   It was so heartwarming to see so many friends we hadn’t seen in years.  We were also gifted this beautiful quilt---a treasure! 




While Donovan was home, we also took a quick trip out to the Lundstrom farm.  There is nothing quite like the South Dakota prairie and open sky.  Our hearts are ever grateful for the Lundstrom legacy of soulwinning that began there.



















On Monday and Tuesday, Marne- our office manager/ “ girl Friday” and us finished up the  "purging" and organizing that has been ongoing for the past two years.   We spent two days going through  the last mail, sending out the last letters to partners, and seeing all of the records/photos that recorded all of our years of ministry.  How emotional that was!  We already miss all of you.   








On Wednesday, June 26th, we said goodbye to our dear friend and co- host of “Coffee & Connect” plus 20 other hats she wore along with her mother, Kathie, who also was our office employee who helped process the daily mail with me, did counseling letters, and helped with whatever needed done---no job too big or small!   Needless to say there were tears and hugs.  We have always been blessed by God's very best office staff.  I won't name them all here but we are truly so grateful...many serving for over 15 years!  Larry and I could never have done what we did on the road without them taking full charge of our home office!!!  We have been so blessed.










We were delighted to take a quick pit stop on one of our travel days to see some friends that often joined us on our Fun & Fellowship tours.  So many memories made over the years.  We enjoyed a yummy brunch and a time of great visiting.



On July 29th, we made it back into Minneapolis for a mini-reunion with some of Larry's (Lundstrom) family and a few friends.  What a joyous event!   More visiting, reminiscing and celebrating!








On Sunday, July 1st, we were guests at The Fathers House, with Londa Lundstrom Ramsey, and we did a special "table talk"  with pictures, stories of our life on the road, a question time and Larry giving a short message on soul winning.  We were delighted and overjoyed as this time climaxed with three people giving their hearts to Christ at the altar call!  That’s what it’s all about! 










On July 3rd we flew out of Minneapolis to arrive back in Nashville.  It was so great to have gotten back to the Midwest, but so sweet to get back home again to our family.   




So that’s my story…… the truth….. the trip …. the tribute to God for the honor of representing Christ all these 58 plus years ‘together on the road’ (1965- 2024).  Thanks for your prayers and support all these years.  You have been such a blessing to us personally knowing you have prayed for us and encouraged us along the way.   


Our plan is to continue this web update to you through Christmas…. so this is NOT a goodbye, but it’s an update so you can follow us and pray for us. 


Together for souls---Larry & Gloria

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