August 13, 2018

Selling our home in Sisseton, South Dakota and updates on the summer rallies in Minnesota!

Greetings from LaVergne, TN!  The last week has been a whirlwind! 


Praise the Lord…..we sold our home in Sisseton, SD, and feel very favored to do so as in our small town there are 23 homes for sale (some of which have been waiting 2-3 years to be sold).  We placed our sign up in June and two weeks later, we had a buyer which meant "I must get about the business of cleaning out everything"!  That word "everything" when you really start that process is overwhelming!  We prayed and asked God to give us favor that it could be sold, and we could be out of it by the end of August.  When He answered that prayer, it meant we needed to ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM and get busy. 


At the time we got word, we were in Nashville for doctor appointments and zipped home to Sisseton to begin the dreaded process of going through everything we have moved from place to place for 53 years.  I told Larry that he had more stuff than I had, but as we went through the process, I discovered I had just as much stuff as he had!  Oops!  Of course, I felt all of my stuff was more important than his!  HA!  Our daughter, LaDawn, came home for a week and helped, as well as, dear family and friends as well.  After five weeks of 13-14 hours days sifting, sorting and determining what was junk, we met our deadline of being out of the house on August 10th.  We were so grateful that our son, Donovan, came home the last week and pushed us through to the finish line ultimately loading the moving truck to the brim and driving the truck from South Dakota to Tennessee while we flew to meet him in Tennessee.    Donovan left on the 7th and we left on the 10th….the same day the truck got unloaded. 


My brothers, Rick and Bill, who helped along with other family were joking, "I'm glad you got it all in the truck because the landfill here is full!"  They got a good laugh out of that!  Our garage in Tennessee is filled with boxes.  We will sort through them as we are able and get rid of more stuff! 


We thank God for the safe journey, the ability to meet our deadline having everything out , and  for the sale of the house to a family who have  a lot of children and grandchildren to enjoy it.  We are so grateful for your prayers for us!


As I am writing this, I am waiting for a phone call from the Vanderbilt Medical Center to give me my last minute instructions for my heart ablation scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday  the 14th).  The medication for the A-fib for my heart isn't quite doing what it should so we are taking the next step.  We appreciate your prayers for the procedure and recovery. 


On to more joyful things….we had a great weekend of ministry last weekend in Elbow Lake, MN, where we did a morning service of music and ministry for their annual Flekkefest!  It was fun and we were so thrilled to see a couple of people make first time decisions….that never grows old!  It was also a delight to see many of our friends and partners throughout the years join us for the service, as well as, one of our priceless staff members and her husband.






From Barb:  It was so wonderful to be able to attend the service in Elbow Lake.  I have worked for Larry & Gloria since 2001 which seems like a dream.  I went forward at a Lundstrom Crusade in Rosholt, South Dakota when I was 8 years old and gave my life to Jesus.  I never dreamed I would be working for them some day!  Always so wonderful to hear the great singing and the sharing of the Gospel Message!  God truly is so good!








From Pastor Mike:  It was so wonderful to have Larry & Gloria at our Flekkefest once again.  Our church supports Larry & Gloria monthly because we truly believe in what they do.  It's hard to find "real" evangelists anymore, but these two are the real deal!  Thank you again, Larry & Gloria!  We love you!





Some of the precious lives changed at the altar call in Elbow Lake, MN



We will be in Tennessee until the 23rd and then we will return back to Sisseton for some more rallies.  We will be in Sisseton for a special farewell concert on Sunday, September 16th at 5:30 PM.  Later that week, we will be ministering at Willmar Assembly of God in Willmar, MN, on Thursday, September 13th at 6:30 PM!


Thanks, again, for your prayers for us!  We NEVER TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!







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Bean Salad

2 or 3 (15 oz) cans dark kidney beans, drained

½ to 1 c. onions, diced

¾ to 1 c. sweet pickles, diced

3 to 4 hard-boiled eggs, diced

2 T. cider vinegar

2 to 3 T. sugar


Combine all ingredients. Keep refrigerated.



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